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Our Ten-Cent Tour: Where to Ride your Bike when you're in Bend

We get this question all the time, and the answer is always, "it depends." That said, here is an overview of some of our general answers.

Bike sizing--Let's Make it Easy.

Finding the right sized bike doesn't need to be complicated. Susan explains.

Mountain bike on a trail

How to Choose Between a Mountain Bike, Road Bike or Gravel Bike

Having trouble choosing what type of bike is right for you? Find out top questions to ask yourself to help you make a better decision between a mountain bike, road bike, or gravel bike. 

Mountain bikes in 1990s

Mountain Bike Racing Then and Now

Learn how mountain bike racing has changed over the last 50 years and new features on mountain bikes that would have been inconceivable way back when. 

Cross country skate ski

Classic Cross Country Skiing vs Skate Skiing

Curious how the classic cross country technique differs from skate skiing? Learn how they are different, which is considered easier or more challenging. Find out the style you may want to try! 

Guest Blog: The Great COVID Bike Drought

Wondering where the bikes are? Susan explains.

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