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Bike shipping and receiving

Visiting Bend? Ship your bike to us, and we'll have it ready for your arrival.

Receive and assemble: $60.00   Send us a box and we'll turn it into a bike. We will also assess the bike and let you know if any further service is needed.  

Simple Receiving: No charge
We'll receive your boxed bike and keep it in a safe place until you pick it up.

Fill out the form below and let us know your bike is coming to us.

Pack and ship: $70.00 + shipping
We'll disassemble and box your bike, seek out the best shipping rate for you, and send it on its way.

Pack and ship E-bike:  $120 + shipping  Electric bikes require additional certification for shipping. We’ve jumped through those hoops and can ship your bike safely. 

Simple Shipping: $10 + shipping
You box your bike, and we'll ship it out for you via your requested carrier.