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We've been waiting for you!

 The staff is the beating heart of the bike shop, and we do everything within our power to hang onto the wonderful people who work here. But occassionally someone moves, or has a baby, or gets a degree, and when that happens, we want so see your resume.

We hire:

Mechanics of all shapes and sizes. We currently have an opening  for full-time, year round position for the right person. If you're and experienced, plug-and-play mechanic who can talk to people, we have a job for you! We also have seasonal and part-time opportunities that include early-morning hours if that's your jam.

Sales staff that get the respect they deserve. We consider our sales people to be educators and we treasure those with the ability to connect with our customers in a way that makes them feel seen, valued, and served. We have openings for year-round as well as part-time sales staff.

Back office bean counters.  If you're a computer jockey who loves numbers, we sometimes have openings in purchasing and inventory control.

People stay because:

Sunnyside supports whole people.  Whole lives include families, hobbies, interests and goals, and we want our employees to enjoy them all. We go to great lengths to accomodate schedules and support whatever it is that makes you, well,  you.

Sunnyside pays as much as we possibly can. Our first job as a company is to make enough money to support our employees to live quality lives. Right now we are very fortunate to be able to do that. 

Sunnyside pays 100% of employees' health insurance costs.  

Sunnyside employees receive 3-4 weeks paid vacation per year.

Sunnyside employees are included in a profit-sharing program.

Sunnyside matches employee charitable contributions.

Sunnyside employees receive $0.50 per trip for walking or cycling to work.

Don't just take our word for it.  Check out our employee tenures on our staff page.

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