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'22-'23 Children's Season-long Ski Rentals

We offer season-long rentals on equipment to  children 12 and under.

  • No-wax touring skis  $70/season
  • Skating skis $95/season
  • Poles (skate or classic) $20/season
  • Boots (combi or touring) $40/season

We'll have equipment available starting on Friday, October 14th at 9:00 am.

We've beefed up our inventory and will have extra staff on hand for the big day, so we'll be ready! Here is what we need from you:

Please bring the following when you come to rent your equipment:

  • Ideally, your child. We will need them to fit boots. If that's not possible, please pull the insole from a pair of shoes that fits them well and bring it with you. Sizes vary--knowing their number is not enough. 
  • Your child's height and weight.
  • Any equipment you have and want to use. We'll want to check boots and bindings for compatibility, and check skis and poles for fit.
  • The equipment requirements of the program your child is skiing in.
  • A credit card that is valid through June of 2023. We will hold a number for security deposit.

Please note:  Inventory will be stored off-site until October 14th. There will be no opportunity for early pickup.

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