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'23-'24 Children's Season-long Ski Rentals

We offer season-long rentals on equipment to  children 12 and under.

  • No-wax touring skis  $70/season
  • Skating skis $95/season
  • Poles (skate or classic) $20/season
  • Boots (combi or touring) $40/season

We'll have equipment available starting October 1st, 2023.

Come in any time during our regular hours and get your kids set up! 

Please bring the following when you come to rent your equipment:

  • Ideally, your child. We will need them to fit boots. If that's not possible, please pull the insole from a pair of shoes that fits them well and bring it with you. Sizes vary--knowing their number is not enough. 
  • Your child's height and weight.
  • Any equipment you have and want to use. We'll want to check boots and bindings for compatibility, and check skis and poles for fit.
  • The equipment requirements of your child's ski program.
  • A credit card that is valid through June of 2024.  We will hold a number for security deposit.

Adult Daily Ski Rentals