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Meet your new ride.

We're proud to represent the following bicycle brands:

Year after year, decade after decade, you'll see the same respected brands in our store.  Customers or suppliers--we like our relationships long term.

Trek, at Sunnyside since 1978

(Road, gravel, mountain, hybrid, kids, electric)

Sunnyside Sports has been a Trek Bicycle dealer since 1982. We’ve grown with the company that has become a giant in the bicycling world. Sunnyside owner Don Leet had one of Trek's first prototype mountain bikes, given to him to try in 1983, that now resides in Trek's in-house museum in Waterloo. 

We continue to enjoy working with current and former Trek athletes who have trusted us with their service work, including Chris Horner, Matt Lieto, Linsey Corbin, and Ian Boswell.

Pictured at left: A very young Mike Schindler at work on an aluminum Trek, circa 1993.

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Ibis, at Sunnyside since 2001

(Mountain, gravel)

Sunnyside Sports has been an Ibis dealer since 2001, and one of their top 10 dealers for the past several years running. Their bikes are light with supreme handling, and Ibis frames are some of the most beautiful in the industry. We have a bit of a thing for old Ibis bikes as well. Check our early Bow Ti and Ripley specimens when you come into the shop.

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Yeti, at Sunnyside since 2007


(Lunch) Ride Driven! We love working with the folks at Yeti, who consistently churn out bikes we love to ride. It's never a problem finding another Yeti owner to talk to at the shop--most of us have at least one.

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Cervelo, at Sunnyside since 2011

(Road, gravel, time trial)

Road and time trial bikes are over-the-top aero, light, and fun to ride. Cervelo is, at heart, a company of engineers, and their bikes have pushed the entire bike industry into the age of aerodynamics.

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