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It's pretty much a love-fest.

Since 1972, we've been playing the long game, and that means we play for love. You can see it in how we treat our customers, and how they treat us. Below is up-to-the-minute evidence of the love and support we are honored to receive from our community.

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"The employees at Sunnyside are incredibly friendly and helpful. I've been into many bike shops that have made me feel dumb for asking questions and left me feeling confused about the service they provided. Sunnyside employees took the time to explain everything, answered my questions in a respectful manner, and provided quality service. I walked away with a bike that worked good as new for about half the price I was expecting. But I really want to emphasize how incredible the employees are. I would gladly pay more as they keep hiring such great staff!"

-JD, January 2021

"Highly knowledgeable staff that is willing to help out anyway they can. I do a lot of work on my bicycles by myself and you folks have always been available to lend a hand with parts and advice for the past 22 years. Rockstar service!"

Stan,  January 2021

"World class service! I put Sunnyside in the top 5 or 10 companies I've dealt with in my life when it comes to service level. Just top notch. I've rented mountain bikes from them a number of times. The last time, we had an issue with a bike on the mountain and they drove another bike up and switched it out. Always great recommendations and pristine equipment. Not only a positive reflection on themselves but the entire Bend community."

-Eric, October 2020

"This is a fantastic neighborhood bike shop. They have a great outdoor set up to keep everyone safe. They take the time to talk over all you are considering as you select a new bike, bring them out to show you, let you test ride, and then after purchase, they are great making adjustments during the getting used to the new bike period. We wanted two bikes, bought one, but they were out of stock for the second one. I had to buy from elsewhere (or wait until winter), but they are there for me being extremely helpful making adjustments on my new bike anyway. This is the only bike shop we will use in Bend! They are awesome!!!"

-Betsy, September 2020

"Sunnyside will be the only shop I visit in Bend. I came into town for a 4-day bike trip and needed to get my bottom bracket replaced. Worried that no shop could get this taken care of in time for the start of the trip the next morning, Jesse took care of me while I waited that afternoon. No more creaks and a smooth ride. Thank you Jesse! I'll be sure to recommend Sunnyside to any friends visiting Bend."

-Brad,  June 2020

"Awesome service! I bought a new bike from this store and it's the experience that everyone should have when buying a new bike. Michelle helped me get dialed in the bike, took her time, answered all my questions. Love this store and their service and I love my new bike!!!"

-Esther, August 2019