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In service. Always.

We've been in more than one tight spot since 1972. We've faced financial, political, and, with COVID, existential crises. Over and over, those crises have shown us who we are, and what's ultimately important. For us, it comes down to two basic tenets:

1) Love's the higher law.  We don't shout our politics, but if we are called to make a political statement, we will always side with love.

2) We are here to serve. In our tiny place on the planet we have one thing to offer, and that is service--to our employees, to our customers, and to our community. That means we'll do anything within our power to keep people riding their bikes. It's how we serve, and what we give.

Oregon Business 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon 2020


Sunnyside employs full-time, year-round, year-after-year employees.

Sunnyside pays 100% of employees' health insurance costs.

Sunnyside employees receive 3-4 weeks paid vacation per year.

Sunnyside employees are included in a profit-sharing program

Sunnyside matches employee charitable contributions

Sunnyside employees receive $0.50 per trip for walking or cycling to work.

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Environmental and social action

Sunnyside staff commuted to work by bicycle for 2,260 trips and over 6,808 miles in 2017.

By utilizing Blue Sky power, Sunnyside avoided the release of 4,339 pounds of carbon dioxide into the environment in 2017.

Sunnyside is housed in a building designed by Tozer Design Studio to preserve three large old-growth Ponderosa pine trees in the front.

Sunnyside recycles paper, plastic, glass, and all metal bike parts. Sunnyside also partners with Resource Revival to recycle used bicycle chains and tubes.

Sunnyside matches charitable donations made by employees.

Top 10 in Oregon "100 Best Green Company" Awards, 2009.

Sunnyside has donated over $10,000 to the Virginia Meissner grooming fund in the past five years.

Sunnyside’s Tour des Chutes has raised nearly $1,000,000 for local and national cancer charities.

In response to issues around assault-style firearms and Vista Outdoor, Sunnyside donated $5,000 to Every Town for Gun Safety in 2018.

Top 100 Best Green Workplaces award winner, 2020

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