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    Bend’s Bike Shop Since 1972

    Bend, Oregon lies on the clear, dry, Eastern side of the Cascade mountains.  To live here, on the sunny side, was a deliberate choice for us, one that we’ve carried in our name for over 40 years.  To live on the sunny side is to find joy—In cycling, in skiing, in moving through the outdoors under your own power. And in service of that joy and the technologies support it, we invite you join us here, and to Live Sunny.




  • Bike and Cross Country Ski Rentals

    Our rental philosophy is simple: We are here to show you a good time, on good equipment. Sunnyside rental equipment is thoughtfully selected and well-maintained. We offer a clear and accurate reservation system so that you can get exactly what you want, and we are generous with our time and advice in the shop so that you can get the most out of your day.

    Ski Rentals


  • Bike Service and Fitting

    The service department is the heart and soul of any bike shop, and the depth of ours is unrivaled. Over 30% of Sunnyside mechanics have been with us 10 years or more. We are a Shimano Service Center, and have a depth of knowledge in mountain bike suspension systems as well as the latest electronic road shifting systems.

    We offer bike fits for new and used bikes, with prices ranging from a $50 comfort fit to a $200 fit with our house physical therapist, Andy Fecteau. Your bike should be a joy to ride. Learn more here.

  • Ride Sunny Women's Series

    As part of our ongoing women’s outreach program, we’re holding a series of clinics and training rides geared towards  informing and empowering women to pursue their cycling goals.  Follow our group on facebook for the latest events!Ride Sunny Women's Series returns 7p pm March 15th at Sunnyside Sports

    Next Event:  Wednesday, April 19, 7:00 pm

  • Product of the Week

    Product of the WeekMons Royale Wool Baselayers

    Mons Royale woolen base-layers are highly technical with fresh, modern styling that we love!

  • Trail Maps

    Bend-Johnson Ranch Loop

    We want you to get outside and play (and to get home in time for dinner), so maps are a big deal here at Sunnyside. We provide you here with a number of maps for road biking, mountain biking, and skiing that you can download with just a click.

  • The World According to Don

    Pine Trees #2
    I have had a love affair with pine  trees since I was boy. I have always loved the mountains, the outside and I think pine trees represent all of this for me. When we used to travel to the Sierra Nevada I knew we had arrived when I could see the forest changing to pine.... Read More »