Ski Services: Tune, Prep & Wax

Snow conditions in Bend can vary considerably, even in the space of one day—from morning ice to afternoon cement, and all of that perfect powder in between. An expert tune and wax will get your skis ready to make the most of all of it. 


Ski Waxing Services:

Mmmm, wax. We’ll select the appropriate wax du jour for your price range. Skis will come back to you ready for the snow! We try to have skis in and out within a day, so you'll be back on snow in no time!

Hot Wax CH: $15  (Or buy a 10-pack for $120)

Hot Wax LF: $25 (Or buy a 10-pack for $200)

Hot Wax HF: $45

Hot Wax Uber Race (Cera): $75

Helix Spray-On Only: $30

Rill Only: $5

Pine Tar: $20+


Ski Tune & Prep Services:

For new skis that you really care about, or for old skis that need a new lease on life, we recommend our hot-box service. We basically bake your skis for a period of several hours, super-saturating the base with wax, speeding you on your way to fast skis. For skis that need more base work, we send skis out for stone grinding, and follow that with our deluxe hot-box service.

Hot Box Deluxe (includes hot-box, and post-hotbox wax treatment): $60

Hot Box Basic (We hot-box, you do the rest): $30

Stone Grind (We pack your skis and send them in for stone-grind): $69

Binding Mount: $12

Binding Remount: $25