We're picky about our ski brands.

Selling skis since 1972, we’ve seen many brands come and go. We sell only brands that are solid in the industry, with staying power that makes us confident that they will be available to support their products over the long term. Sunnyside Sports is proud to represent the following cross country ski brands:



(Skis & Boots)

At Sunnyside Sports, we focus on Rossignol nordic skis and boots with a deep and varied selection. Rossignol skis are always solid performers. Stable and fast, they're great skis for beginners to experts. We love their boots, as well, for their superior fit and innovative NNN binding system.

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Fischer is simply a giant in the industry, and we think you can never go wrong with a Fischer ski. 

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(Poles, Wax & Accessories)

Pole companies come and go–all except Swix. Every cutting edge innovation is backed by years of proven experience. We trust Swix for the best product and the best support. Their wax is unparalleled as well, and we stock a huge supply.








Toko waxes are simple to use, and extremely fast across the board. Highly recommended by us.