Bike Shipping & Receiving


Visiting Bend? Ship your bike to us and we'll have it ready for your arrival.

If you're traveling to Bend, Oregon, feel free to have your bike shipped to our shop. We can tune and assemble it and have it ready and waiting when you arrive. Just download this form, and attach it to the outside of your box when you ship it.  Also, feel free to drop an email to and let us know that it's coming.

Super Deluxe Receiving: $60.00
We'll tune and assemble your bike when it arrives boxed.

Simple Receiving: No charge
We'll receive your boxed bike, keep it in a safe place, and you pick it up.


Leaving Bend? We can ship your bike to you.

We're happy to box your bike and ship it to your destination. We normally ship FedEx, but we can ship UPS, as well.

Super Deluxe Shipping: $60.00 + shipping
We'll disassemble and box your bike for you, and send it on its way.

Simple Shipping: $10 + shipping
You box your bike, and we'll ship it out for you.