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Ibis S35 29-inch Alloy Rim

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We're big advo­cates for wide rims. In fact, we helped pio­neer the wide rim rev­o­lu­tion back in 2014. Those rims helped inspire the new crop of 2.4" – 2.6" tires that are pop­u­lar today. Wide rims work because they allow the tire beads to sit fur­ther apart. That wider footprint pro­vides bet­ter tire side­wall sup­port, which means you can run low­er air pres­sure. This improves your trac­tion, brak­ing control, and also reduces rolling resis­tance over rough terrain.

Our rims are backed by a sev­en-year war­ran­ty. If it's our fault, we'll fix them. We also offer a low cost "acci­dent replace­ment" pro­gram, just in case you dri­ve your bike into the garage…


Rim Material 6061 Aluminum
Rim Depth 18.3mm
Inner Rim Width 35mm
Outer Rim Width 39mm
Hole Count 32
Weight 560g
Valve Type Presta

* Subject to change without notice.