Counting Pine Trees

I have had a love affair with pine trees since I was boy. When we used to travel to the Sierra Nevada I knew we had arrived when I could see the forest changing to pine. It’s the Ponderosa Pine I have the most affinity for. I like its smell, its long needles and its large cones.

A while back, I was headed out to Horse Ridge on the old highway. I was just past mile-post 12 when I noticed a few Ponderosas growing on the side of the road  between Highway 20 and the trail head. 

I don’t normally ride up the abandoned old highway past the Parkway to the top of Horse Ridge, but a few years ago I started to do so as part of a three-hour loop. There are some pine trees there also; I just found another one this year in fact. It’s very small and I am not sure it will survive. It looks like some hungry deer tried to eat it. 

So this is the Don Challenge of the Month: Count the trees between the abandoned highway to the top of Horse Ridge. If you come into Sunnyside Sports when I am there and tell me how many you found, I will give you a $10 gift certificate.

Sad little pine tree.

Sad little pine tree.

Angela Reid