Meet the people (and dogs) of Sunnyside Sports.


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Susan Conner

Owner and president.

With Sunnyside since 1988.

Susan pays the bills, manages the website, and generally makes sure the Sunnyside ship stays afloat.  A rare Bend native, she joined the Sunnyside team fresh out of college in 1988, and never saw fit to leave. In her off hours you'll find Susan running the trails with her dog Bingley, or playing her grandmother's fiddle in the folk band Parlour.


Mike Schindler

Owner and secretary.  With Sunnyside since 2000.

Mike Schindler is the guy to thank for Sunnyside's awesome bike selection, and he's the technical brains behind a lot of Sunnyside service. After leaving a "real" job in environmental consulting to move to Bend, he started working as a mechanic and is now 50% owner.  Mike spends his off-work time on bikes, skis, and surf boards.  You may also recognize him as the steward to our official Sunnyside shop dog, Happy (see below.)


Don Leet

Owner, Sales. SInce 1980.

Only recently retired from decades on the local and national masters racing scenes, Don has been a partner in Sunnyside since 1980.  You can still find Don out on his mountain bike on the daily.  He also plays piano and bakes a mean pie.  Check out Don's blog here.


Heath Brown

Mechanic.  Since May, 2015.

Heath moved here from Ohio to join his brother Marty to create the backbone of our service department. Heath doesn't drive, so he gets plenty of riding in all kinds of weather on his Trek Farley. He is also responsible for our annual Sunnyfest Tricycle Races, and is, without a doubt, our fastest man on three wheels.

Martin Brown

Product Manager.  Since April 2014.

When he's not pounding the keyboards at Sunnyside, Marty moonlights as a biology professor at C.O.C.C.  Marty is a master-brewer, and is the brain behind our custom Sunnyfest IPA. He's also the younger half of the Brown brothers with brother Heath (above).


Jacob Chapman

Mechanic.  Since 2001.

Jacob's been turning wrenches at Sunnyside since he was a zitty teenager, and we think we've raised him well.  Jake is our shop unicyclist, a Y-bike guitar builder and all around fun hog.




Sales, Since May, 2018

Jesse joined us fresh from Mt. Bachelor, where he was a rental tech/mountain bike guide.  Jesse considers himself more of a "downhill guy," and will commonly be found in the Wanoga zone.  The cute guy in front is Burton, Jesse's better half.



Sales. Since June, 2018

Flynn came to us from Springfield, Missouri via Alaska, and more recently, Sun River. A former competitive kick-boxer, Flynn loves mountain biking, fishing, yoga, and snowboarding, and he kinda likes his dog, Rev. 


Barb Bohm-Becker

Mechanic. Since 1991.

Several years voted as Central Oregon's Best Bike Mechanic, Barb is our chief purple-haired wheel-builder. Barb's signature "black heart" hand-built wheel decal can be found in the quivers of many of our local pros riders, including Adam Craig, Ryan Trebon and Barry Wicks.


Michelle Cunha

Sales.  Since July 2016.

Michelle has a long history in the bike racing world, and is fully capable of ripping your legs off. She also works in real estate, and keeps a flock of happy chickens.

John Gray

Mechanic. Since April, 2013.

John the Gray is a climber in his time off, and is the only Sunnyside employee to maintain a storage locker in Katmandu.  John is known around the shop for saying very funny things, very quietly.

Matt Hickey

Service Manager. Since April, 2012.

Matt is trained in automotive repair as well as bicycle mechanics, and he stores an English degree is some other little corner of his brain.  Matt has a bit of a bike problem, as indicated by the 11 bikes in his garage.


Anne Linton

Sales/Trek Women's Advocate.  Since July, 2015.

Anne is a retired MD, with more energy than retirement can hold.  Anne works for us on the sales floor, and runs our Ride Sunny Women's Cycling Program.  She's also a certified cycling coach and races long and hard.

Chris Moor

Mechanic.  Since April, 2015.

Chris operates as our plug-n-play morning mechanic, and does a lot of our high-end suspension bike builds.  Chris is a fixture on the mountain bike circuit, and well on his way to his next career as a physical therapist.



Gary Bonacker

Sales. Since 1972.

Gary started with Sunnyside in 1972, and has been its face ever since. Gary still works part time at the shop, but is currently best known as the founder of the Tour des Chutes, Central Oregon's largest fundraising bike ride supporting cancer care and survivorship.


Steele Taylor

Sales Manager., Since February 2016.

Steele came to us from Angel Fire, New Mexico.  He's a major bike nut, and is arguably our biggest downhill hucker.  You'll find Steele exploring Oregon's remote trails on his Trek Remedy 9.9 SL.



John Worthington

Mechanic.  Since March, 2016.

J-Dub joined us originally as temporary summer help, and we just can't seem to shake him. Maybe it's the pink helmet, maybe it's the donuts, maybe it's that sunny smile. When John's not guiding mountain trips or chasing his son Graham, he's out rolling on his Yeti 4.5.


Rodney Trepess

Mechanic.  Since March, 2018

Rodney comes to Sunnyside via Seattle, with a history as a bike mechanic, shop manager, and  army helicopter mechanic.  Today he eats and drinks professionally for the Deschutes Brewery cycling team. His beard is said to have healing properties.



Connor Bellusci

Mechanic. Since February, 2018

Connor is our first Gen-Z employee, coming to us from the halls of Bend High School. In his free time Connor plays Ultimate Frisbee, works on cars, and does his homework.



Inventory. Since March, 2015

Zach is a repeat offender here at Sunnyside, having worked for us on and off in a number of capacities. Currently we're using Zach's computer-wonk skills in our inventory department. In his free time Zach pulls espresso, rides bikes, and plays a mean game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Tom Juniper.JPG

Tom mccabe

Mechanic, Since February, 2018

We feel very fortunate to have found and added Tom to the team. Tom holds degrees in German, English, and History, so naturally he’s right at home at the bike shop.


No really, that's her name. And once you meet her, you'll know why. She's our shop dogs, hired to help keep the floors clean and our moods light. She also tells us when we've been working too much and it's time to get out and ride.

Happy says, "Why are we stopping?"

Happy says, "Why are we stopping?"