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Winter in Bend is either awful or awesome, depending on whether or not you ski. We recommend that you ski.

Cross country skiing in Bend, Oregon is the key to staying fit, happy, and sane in our little mountain town, and we're here to help.  We sell and rent touring, light metal edge, classic, and skating skis for adults and children--and we can help you make sense of all of your options.

Rent cross country ski gear

Just tell us where you're going.  We'll set up the best equipment, waxed and ready, right for you.    


Buy cross country ski gear

You know you're a local when you keep your skis out on the back porch.  Let's set you up.


Skating or Classic? 

Let's decode the styles of cross country skiing for you  here.



Lease cross country ski gear

Dip a toe into that white, frosty goodness--Without breaking the bank.

Children’s season rentals

Get the whole family going. Easy-peasy.


Wait. What about waxing?

Check in with our ski service department here.