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Pre, Durring, and Post Bike Race/ Event Nutrition and Hydration Talk


Join professional cyclist and coach Emma Maaranen for a discussion about what to eat and drink, and how to carry and access it for bike racing:

Day before race day hydration and dinner strategy

Pre-race breakfast (3 hrs to race or less, and late day race starts)

Race Fuel and Hydration - products,, current scientific thinking about fueling/ hydration for short, long, and ultradistance events

What are all these blocks, gels, bars, sports drinks, etc. anyways?

How to carry and access food and hydration

Planning your refueling by looking at the course and aid stations

GI distress - how to avoid/ reduce likelihood and what to do if it does happen

Post race recovery fuel

What to do if you are going to do it again tomorrow?

Bring all your questions because this is most fun as a conversation, not a monologue! The following evening, join Emma for an on-bike clinic to practice (and sample) getting at hydration and nutrition

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