Rekindling My Love Affair with the Road.

The Road to Formentor, Mallorca, Spain

The Road to Formentor, Mallorca, Spain

I returned to Mallorca a couple of weeks ago with my good friend Russell Crecraft. He had never been before, and I haven’t been for about five years. This makes it my eleventh visit.

There were a couple of reasons for returning. One was to show Russell what I consider to be some of the best road riding on the planet. Two was to visit and ride in a place that has been very important to me in my life. Some of you may know I have a pretty big Scotland connection, and Mallorca is where I met most of my Scottish friends.  

Russell is we ride together at least once a week throughput the year. I usually make him ride his mountain bike, though he prefers road. I average two to three road rides a year as I just haven’t been into the road lately. Russell perseveres and joins me. 

This was my way to let him ride road, but  roads I consider the best. 

I not only was successful in showing Russell a great time, I also rekindled my love of road bikes. I could easily go back, despite the toll that the long flights take on my sanity.

There were a few of new things I tried this year on my bike, all of which made my riding more enjoyable.

1) I used my new Trek Boone cross bike with front and rear ISO Speed decouplers. Because of the smooth ride had no sore hands, back, or bottom. One of the reasons I have not ridden road lately has been back pain. With this bike I had none, and we rode everyday for at least two and a half hours. 

2) Road disc brakes and through axles. In the very difficult and technical descents it was amazing to have a bike that stopped and slowed effortlessly, in the wet and the dry. The through axles make the bike just that much stiffer ( side to side) for very precise steering.

3) Though this isn’t a game changer, I will say having a one by eleven drive train was perfect. My gears are such that I don't spin out until about 38 miles per hour, and I still have nearly a one to one low gear ratio.  

Anyway we had a great trip and I even promised Russell we could do some more road riding here at home. 

Don Leet