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30% off-season service special in effect now!

We do everything we can to get you to get your major bike services done during the off-season. It keeps us busy, and it keeps you out on your bike when the season starts to roll. Bring your bike in now through February 28th, and take 30% off your labor charges.


Service pricing

Work Assessment: FREE

Bring your bike for a recommendation of services. We will suggest appropriate service packages or fixes from our a la carte menu.

Lifetime Tune: FREE to original owners of Sunnyside bicycles
This tune-up comes free for the life of your bicycle and includes a general safety check, front and rear derailleur adjustment, headset adjustment, brake check, chain lubrication and wear check, wheel truing, tire inflation, and general wipe down. Can be done on a while-you-wait basis depending upon the condition of your bicycle and mechanic availability.

Signature Tune: $75
This includes front and rear derailleur adjustment, derailleur hanger alignment, brake alignment and pad inspection, rotor true, chain lubrication and wear check, tire inflation, wheel truing, drive-train cleaning, and general wipe down. All bearings are adjusted as necessary. If needed, cables and housing are lubed.

Bike Wash: $15

We’ll shampoo its hair, but won’t brush its teeth.

Bike Detail: $60
Like spanking new: top to bottom cleaning of the bicycle including the drive train

Fork Service: $55 + parts
Wiper seal replacement, oil change, inspection of all surfaces--recommended at least annually by most fork manufacturers

Rear Shock Service: $40 + parts
Wiper and seal replacement, oil change, inspection of all surfaces, DU bushing inspection and replacement as necessary--recommended at least annually by most manufacturers

Fox Fork Damper Service: $80 + parts
FIT damper service kit installation, damper oil change and inspection, wiper seal replacement, oil change, inspection of all surfaces--Fox recommends with every third fork service

Classic Overhaul (for road and hardtail mountain bicycles): $215 + parts
Includes the Signature Service package plus a complete tear-down of the bicycle to the frame, cleaning and re-greasing of all open bearings, inspection of cartridge bearings and replacement as necessary, cable and housing replacement, and pro-clean

Full Suspension Overhaul: $350 + parts
Includes the Signature Service plus a complete tear-down of the bicycle to the frame with fork and shock service, cleaning and re-greasing of  all open bearings, inspection of cartridge bearings and replacement as necessary, cable and housing replacement, and pro-clean

Full Suspension Frame Bearing Replacement: $90 + parts
Removal and replacement of all frame suspension bearings

Classic Pro-Build: $140 + parts
Ground-up build from bare frame, installation and adjustment of all parts--does not include wheel-build

Mountain Bike Pro-Build: $225 + parts
Ground-up build from bare frame, installation and adjustment of all parts ( including brake line shortening and bleed), and tubeless tire installation--does not include wheel-build

A la carte menu

Wheels and Tires

  • Flat tire repair (tubed): $7 + tube

  • Change tire (tubeless): $10

  • Tubeless tire installation: $15 (includes sealant)

  • Tubeless Stan’s refresh: $10

  • Wheel true: $10-$20

  • Full wheel tension: $35

  • Spoke replacement: $10-$35 +parts

  • Wheel build: $60-$80 plus parts

  • Tubular tire gluing (new tire and rim): $50 + parts and prep as necessary

  • Open-bearing hub overhaul: $20

  • Cartridge bearing installation: $10-$15 per bearing

  • Hub adjustment: $10

  • Wheel noise diagnostics: $60/hour


  • Derailleur adjustment (front or rear): $10

  • Derailleur hanger alignment: $20

  • Chain installation: $5

  • Install crankset (including bottom bracket installation and derailleur adjustment): $15

  • Replace chainring: $10-$30

  • Install bottom bracket: $25

  • Install cassette: $5

  • Install cable and housing: $5-$25 + parts

  • Install helicoil in crank arm: $15 + parts

  • Clean drivetrain: $25

  • Drivetrain noise diagnostics: $60/hour


  • Brake bleed: $30

  • Install and bleed hydraulic brake line: $30

  • Brake pad installation (rim or disc): $15

  • Rim brake alignment and adjustment: $10

  • Brake cable replacement (per brake): $5 + parts


  • Headset adjustment: $5-$10

  • Headset installation: $30

  • Headset overhaul: $20

  • Handlebar tape installation: $10

  • Face head tube: $15

  • Install headset: $25

  • Install fork: $25

  • Switch out/install drop-style road handlebars: $30 + parts

  • Switch out/install mountain-style handlebars: $15 + parts

  • Install aero bars: $20-$45 + parts

  • Install threadless stem: $5

  • Replace handlebar grips: $5

  • Install steerer tube extension: $10 + cable and housing parts and labor


  • Install saddle: $5

  • Install dropper seatpost: $30-$50

  • Clean, lube, and inspect dropper seatpost: $30-$50


  • Suspension sag test and setup: $10

  • Noise diagnostics: $60/hour


  • Install cleats: $5 + parts

  • Install pedals: $5

  • Crank Brothers' pedal rebuild: $20 + parts


  • Fender installation: $10-$30 each

  • Rack installation: $10-$20

  • Computer battery change and reset: $5 + parts

  • Wireless computer installation: $10

  • Wired computer installation: $15

  • Cadence wireless computer installation: $15


Bike shipping and receiving

Visiting Bend? Ship your bike to us and we'll have it ready for your arrival.

Download this form, and attach it to the outside of your box when you ship it.  Then email us and let us know that it's coming.


Receive and assemble: $60.00
Send us a box and we'll turn it into a bike. We will also assess the bike and let you know if any further service is needed. Delivery is available.  See below.

Simple Receiving: No charge
We'll receive your boxed bike and keep it in a safe place until you pick it up.


Pack and ship: $70.00 + shipping
We'll disassemble and box your bike, seek out the best shipping rate for you, and send it on its way.

Pack and ship E-bike: $100 + shipping Electric bikes require additional certification for shipping. We’ve jumped through those hoops and can ship your bike safely.

Simple Shipping: $10 + shipping
You box your bike, and we'll ship it out for you via your requested carrier.

Pickup and delivery services

We love delivering bikes to people's houses—we feel like Santa Claus, or Ed McMahon. Here's how it works:

  • Just ask your service writer for a delivery when you check in your repair.

  • Delivery fee $15 (gratuity included). $10 per bike for multiples.

  • Deliveries can be made Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 5:30 and 7:00 pm.

  • We deliver within the following boundaries in Bend:

    • As far east as 27th Street

    • As far north as Empire Avenue

    • As far southwest as Buck Canyon

    • As far southeast as Murphy Road

    • As far west as Shevlin Park and Entrada Lodge


E-Bike Services

Sunnyside has mechanics certified to service and diagnose modern Bosch electrical drives, as well as Faraday town bikes. 

Service Feedback

We want to hear about your experience.  Please take a moment to fill out our Service Feedback form.