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Sunnyside Sports Bike Fitting Services

Bicycle fitting is an art and a science, and we take pride in creating fits that respect your body and your riding style. When you buy a Sunnyside bicycle, it is generally fitted to  you before you go out the door. In addition, we offer a free follow-up fit, to be completed within your first few months on your bike. This follow-up fit allows us to address any issues that may come up as you spend more time on your bicycle.  Follow-up fits should be scheduled with our fitters in advance,  and generally take 30 minutes to an hour.

We also offer fitting services for your existing bike. Give us a call, and we’ll schedule you with one of our fitters for a complete fitting, including saddle and/or handlebar selection, cleat adjustment, saddle height and  stem adjustments.  These fits cost $50, and take roughly an hour.


Sunnyside Bike Fitters

Don Leet: Owner Don Leet has been racing bikes since the early ’80s, and has been selling and fitting bicycles for nearly 30 years.  Equally comfortable fitting road or mountain bikes, Don specializes in finding the sweet spot to maximize both comfort and efficiency.

Susan Bonacker: Owner Susan Bonacker has over 20 years experience riding and fitting bicycles.  She specializes in fitting road bikes, and addressing the particular needs of women and older riders.

Cory Tanler:  Cory was trained by local fit guru and former US Pro Champion Bart Bowen.  Cory has broad experience in fitting both mountain and road bikes.

Andy Fecteau, M.S., P.T: Studied cycling bio-mechanics with focus on knee, shoe, and pedal interactions at Pacific University and Oregon State University.  Having performed over 500 cycling bio-mechanical assessments, he is especially interested to reducing discomfort and pain while cycling through bio-mechanical assessment, advanced bike repositioning, and pedaling mechanics retraining.

Schedule your fit

To schedule your fit, give us a call at 541-382-8018, and we’ll set up a time. When you come, bring your bicycle, your shoes, shorts or tights, and a helmet. We guarantee you’ll ride away happy!