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I just returned from a two week holliday in British Columbia with three friends from Scotland–Steve, Steve and Kevin. We were , of course, riding mountain bikes. We went to four of the must-go to areas in BC: Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and the South Chilcotins. Riding in BC is nothing like riding around here.  Every… Read More »

 Ok, this blog is more on the bike nerd side of things. It’s about the best way to lubricate a chain, which also happens to be the easiest. It’s called waxing, but it’s not from a bottle.  I use hot melted left-over candle wax. A little history: Hot waxing chains is not new. I’m not… Read More »

 I’ve been trying to write this Blog for a while now. I have a few rules when I write a blog, the main rule being no negativity and no whining. With all the political upheaval going on, environmental disasters, and the huge consequences of the upcoming national election, it is not easy to stick to these… Read More »

This year we have winter, last year we didn’t, the year before barely. We moved to Bend over 40 years ago for the winter. I was just learning to Nordic ski and Bend seemed like the perfect place to live– mountains nearby, but located on the High Desert. I loved the snow. We would wait… Read More »

   I’m in The Swiss Alps this week riding with Bike Verbier, an inclusive mountain bike guiding service in Verbier. Not meaning to get commercial here, but Lucy and Phil have a great service going–transfers, lodging, meals, transportation and guiding are provided. Now back to my trip. The last time I was in Switzerland was 1972…. Read More »