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We’re proud of the company we keep, and are happy to link you to friends of the shop.    We’re fortunate to live in a town that has produced and attracted a number of elite athletes.  You’re likely to bump into these people when shopping at our store.  Please allow us to introduce you:


Chris Horner  Chris makes his home in Bend, so we get to see him and his bikes often during the off-season.  Chris and his wife Megan have been a wonderful supporters of Sunnyside and the Tour des Chutes over the years.  We’re always cheering for Chris.

Chris Horner

Ian  Boswell  We’re so proud of Ian–We feel like we grew him from scratch!  Ian’s father Grant worked at Sunnyside back in the day, and we’ve seen Ian through lots of bikes and teams over the years.  We see Ian often when he’s in town, and are grateful for his support of our store, and the Tour des Chutes.


Linsey Corbin   Lindsay got her first road bike from Sunnyside.  And look at her now!

Click here for Linsey’s reflections on her Sunnyside Sports bike.

Matt Lieto  Matt is always a nice face to see in the store, and he keeps us up to speed on the latest TT bike technology from Trek when we work on his bike.

Ryan Trebon  We see a lot of Ryan and his tall, tall bikes.  (For the record, this one is not his–Just a repair he was lounging on.)



Barry Wicks   We set Barry up for bike and ski stuff.  Always good to see his mop-top in here.


Mary McConneloug   We seldom get to see Mary, as she spend most of her time overseas, but we are proud to say we knew her when.  We helped Mary out when she  first started bike racing in Bend, and  she’s always been a shop sweetheart.

Adam Craig  Barb counts building wheels for Adam Craig as one of the highlights of her mechanical career, and we would have to agree.  Always great to take care of Adam in the shop.

Carl Decker  Another home-grown.  We’re proud to have provided the Decker family with bikes for the past 30 years.  Here’s a shot of Carl rocking a Sunnyside kit back in the day.

Carl Decker

Emma Maaranen   We’ve enjoyed working with  Emma since her recent move to town.  She’s training on a Trek Top Fuel 9.8 this spring, and we’re happy to include her in our pro family!  Check her blog here.