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100Green13logoWe don’t like to brag, but…The world should know!

…about Sunnyside Sports, Bend, Oregon’s coolest bicycle and cross country ski shop–a top-10 finisher in the 2009 Oregon “100 Best Green Company” awards.



  • Sunnyside has donated over $10,000 to the Virginia Meissner grooming fund in the past five years.
  • Sunnyside’s Tour des Chutes has raised over $200,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and local cancer charities.

Environmental/Social Actions

  • Sunnyside staff commuted to work by bicycle for 2,814 trips and over 6,297.9 miles in 2013. 
  • By utilizing Blue Sky power, Sunnyside avoided the release of 5993 pounds of carbon dioxide into the environment in 2013.
  • Sunnyside is housed in a building designed by Tozer Design Studio to preserve three large old-growth Ponderosa pine trees in the front.
  • Sunnyside recycles paper, plastic, glass, and all metal bike parts.

Business Practices

  • Sunnyside employs full-time, year-round, year-after-year employees.
  • Sunnyside pays 100% of our employees health insurance cost.
  • Sunnyside employees receive 3-4 weeks paid vacation per year.

sunnyside-ownersCorporate Core Values

To create a profitable, sustainable business that allows us to accomplish the following:

Employee Care

  1. To provide our employees with a rewarding, quality work life in a positive, respectful atmosphere.
  2. To provide employees with a livable wage career.
  3. To provide employees with generous vacation time.
  4. To celebrate diversity in our customers and in our staff.
  5. To create an environment where change is seen as opportunity.
  6. To make laughter part of every work day.

Customer Care

  1. To create the store as a manifestation of our own passions for cycling and skiing. To share those passions with our customers.
  2. To provide customers with an optimal cycling/skiing experience once they leave our store.
  3. To provide “outrageous service” to our customers.
  4. To make every customer laugh or smile at least once in every visit.

Community Care

  1. To serve as a community center for Bend’s cyclists and skiers.
  2. To serve the community as a whole, through support of events and organizations that promote environmental health and social justice.