I just returned from a two week holliday in British Columbia with three friends from Scotland–Steve, Steve and Kevin.

We were , of course, riding mountain bikes. We went to four of the must-go to areas in BC: Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and the South Chilcotins. Riding in BC is nothing like riding around here.  Every ride is an adventure.  It’s wild up there.

A little background: I am part Canadian, enough to have a Canadian passport. I know a little bit about my other country, but I had never ridden in BC before this. You bring bear spray mounted on your bike, and don’t expect to see many other people. When the map says Black Diamond it means the whole trail is black, not just bits. I rode a Blue trail with over 50 switchbacks.

At age 65 I rode the most technical trail I have ever ridden. I took a float plane to a wild lake (Spruce) and rode out. But we didn’t see any Brown Bears. I was telling a friend that now that the trip is over, I would have liked to say I saw a Grizzly, but at no time during the trip did I want to see one.

The highlight of the trip was the float plane drop-off–flying in the clouds, going above them and the below them to find our lake. The pilot was getting ready to give up and fly us back when the lake appeared through the clouds. We landed and off we went.

My favorite riding was in Pemberton, a town trying to become a mountain bike Mecca–a town not quite there, which actually made it better–not crowded, and lots of trails.

I need to go back, do some rides we wanted to do but didn’t have the proper weather for, and repeat some rides that are deserving, so I could get the lines sorted–and maybe to see that Griz.

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