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 I’ve been trying to write this Blog for a while now. I have a few rules when I write a blog, the main rule being no negativity and no whining.

With all the political upheaval going on, environmental disasters, and the huge consequences of the upcoming national election, it is not easy to stick to these rules.  When my mind is wondering whether I would really move to my other country, Canada, if the election goes a certain way, it’s hard to keep a positive light on life.

So here goes: One, I am thankful that Canada elected Justin Trudeau. After years of a conservative leader, Canada choose a path of enlightenment. They have a government that welcome refugees, and that now wants to be a leader in mitigating climate change. It is refreshing and promising that this could happen so close to the USA.

Two, I am thankful to live in a state where we take our drinking water seriously. We want it clean and we protect the watersheds that it comes from. Every time I take a shower, or get a glass of water I appreciate living in Oregon and not in an overcrowded desert that steels its water from other areas (Los Angeles), or some bankrupt Midwest city that has to get its water from the least expensive source (Flint).

Three, I am thankful to live in a state where most of us cherish our public lands. Where outdoor recreation is not an afterthought but a high-ranking concern. Where our governer supports our public employees, and asked for action to remove the trespassers from the Malheur Refuge.

Four, I am thankful to live in a state where the State Police are not feared but are looked on with respect. I hope the State Policeman who was involved with the fatal shooting near Burns knows that most of us appreciate what he had to do and that we know no one wants to be involved in a situation like that.

Five, I am thankful to live in a community that, for the most part, respects cyclists on the road. In many areas of the USA cycling on public roads is not a given.

Six, I am thankful to be in an area where volunteers do so much to enhance the lifestyle I have come to enjoy–The Meissner ski trails, all of our world class mountain bike trails, our local Symphony, etc.

Seven, I am thankful Bend has retained its core. I moved to Bend in 1974. It seems the population sign was just under 20,000. Now we are four times bigger. Is that bad? Sometimes, but I feel more good has come than bad. I will list.

Most of my friends

All of the mountain bike trails

All of the groomed Nordic ski trails

A real library

A real cultural scene

More quality concerts ( though a few too many outdoor loud venues) whoops!  sorry for the whine.

More bike lanes, in fact most of them.

Better grocery store options

Great restaurants

Instead of a polluting ugly double mill we have the Mill Disrict with a beautiful park and an open air shopping area. I’m not much of a shopper but believe this is a vast improvement over a river turned into a log pond.

Ice skating rink

So, yes,  I’m worried about our future. I’m just thankful the present is so good.

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