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This year we have winter, last year we didn’t, the year before barely. We moved to Bend over 40 years ago for the winter. I was just learning to Nordic ski and Bend seemed like the perfect place to live– mountains nearby, but located on the High Desert. I loved the snow. We would wait every fall impatiently for the snow to come, and it would by the middle of November. Then in 1976 it didn’t snow. What to do? It left a bad memory in my being. Though we continued to have mostly good winters I never took them for granted after that.

Now I’m not even sure if I expect them. I’ll be honest, last year I had a great winter riding my mountain bike, not shoveling snow, and selling lots of bikes. Basically it wasn’t  winter. This year it just keeps snowing and snowing. I like it and we need it, I guess. I’m not really sure if “nature” needs anything. Being a long time conservationist I think, “What is good for the environment?” But really the environment will survive, although mankind may not.

But that is not what I started to write about. I’m writing about enjoying winter. We hike at least once a week, sometimes with Sorrels, sometimes with studded shoes, but we get out no matter what. Maybe our favorite hikes are in the winter. I ski three or four days a week. I don’t spend a lot of time in a gym, on an indoor trainer or other manufactured exercise. I try to do what is seasonal. I was at Horse Ridge this week on my bike and had a great time, but the truth of the matter is that skiing is better right now. Today p, Friday the 15th, was one of the best days skiing I have ever had. I’m glad I moved to winter, I’m glad I still enjoy winter. It’s magical out there. Plus I now have heated seats in the Mini so even the drive is cozy.

Get out there and enjoy!

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