I’m in The Swiss Alps this week riding with Bike Verbier, an inclusive mountain bike guiding service in Verbier. Not meaning to get commercial here, but Lucy and Phil have a great service going–transfers, lodging, meals, transportation and guiding are provided.

Now back to my trip.

The last time I was in Switzerland was 1972. It was a family trip with Kathy’s family. I sat in a VW Westfalia in a seat facing backwards. We went to see the Matterhorn and the Eiger. No hiking, no scrambling–just looking.

I vowed to go back.  Now, over 40 years later, I’ve returned.  The top photo is The Matterhorn from Mont Fort, the ski area above Verbier. But this time I’m not just looking, I’m riding. We are taking lifts and riding for hours. Yesterday was over 4 hours. My legs are tired my brain is overused from picking the line I can ride. I am well chuffed to be back in Switzerland doing my favorite activity, mountain biking.

I’m with some good friends from Scotland and some new friends from Northern Ireland and England. I was worried about being the least capable (I list myself as a cautious expert. I only ride stuff I am 100% sure I can ride, and when I am riding new terrain I walk many sections if I can’t see an exit.) In this group I’m right in the middle, a good place to be.

We’ve had two days of riding bliss.  I never thought I would do a trip like this, but I am so glad I’m here. I have to thank my very special friend Kevin Murray for having faith in my abilities to join him.

I will share some more when the trip is done.

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