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A bunch of us went over to the Mudslinger Mountain Bike Race last weekend. The drive was epic, the race was epic and we all had a great time.  If you look at the photos you will see a group photo, it may not look quite right. No full sue bikes, no 29ers, no disc brakes, the kit we are wearing a little dated. Well that photo was from 1990. I am in there somewhere. This years race was similar, lots of mud lots of sliding and lots of climbing. It was so wet you can see in my photo I was racing in some waterproof cycling baggies. It was a good  call. We rode through a couple of rivers.

Yes, you all know I have been doing this a long time so lets talk about the others. This past year our team helped one of our younger members get a new bike. He had been riding his mom’s bike but like most 16 year olds he got taller than his mom and her bike no longer fit. Mitchell had been  racing cross but this was his first real mountain bike race. I think this would be award first race. Joanne told me he was a little nervous. Well he won and he had a big smile on his face. Made my day.

If you see the photo of the woman with the big smile , that is Jessica Smith. She joined our team this year in order to do some bike racing. This was also her first race. I was told she was nervous. Well she won. No reason to be nervous any more

Mark and David, veterans on our team also showed up. Both had great races with fast times, and again  big smiles.

The team had a stellar weekend with three first place finishes and a couple of near top 10s. We are in the hunt again for the series team win.

As I was racing many of the locals, who know me, were commiserating with us east siders having to race in the mud. Well I like the mud, I like the dust, I like the rocks, I like the steep drops, the truth is I like mountain bike riding. No, we don’t get to ride in the mud all the often. We do get snow, soft dust and sand. All this helps for the mud. The only thing about mud is one has to spend a couple of hours cleaning everything. Clothing, bikes, shoes, helmet body etc. Cleaning  a bike is good thing. I get to check it over carefully, maybe put in new cables, after all it is a mountain bike I am riding, designed for mud etc.

Fun times for all.

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